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Bank (Mobile)

As a commercial and asset based lender, you share the responsibility for the quality of your institution’s loan portfolio.

At Odoni Partners, we have experienced field auditors who are ready to evaluate and monitor the volatile nature of your borrower’s loan collateral. We will examine both formula and non-formula based credit facilities of single and/or multi-site borrowers.

Our objective is to provide you, the commercial lender, with focused insight into the integrity of the loan collateral, internal controls and reporting, company management and overall operating performance. We will identify and highlight areas of collateral weakness, deterioration and/or abuse, the adequacy of advance rates, frequency of future audits, and provide appropriate recommendations. 


Our Software

To provide efficient, detailed and accurate results to our audit clients, we use only the highest quality software in the business. Our highly flexible reporting and engagement software provides full annotation capabilities, task management and powerful version control at the document, cell and account level.

Industries Examined 

  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Apparel
  • Import & Export
  • Manufacturing
  • Contractors
  • Professional Services
  • Textiles

Areas of Expertise

  • Traditional collateral field examinations
  • Consumer finance field examinations
  • Premium finance field examinations
  • Floor plan field examinations
  • Accounts receivable confirmations
  • Takedown field examinations
  • Accounts receivable aging analysis and ineligible calculation
  • Training borrowers to complete borrowing certificates and calculate ineligibles

Levels of Service

Our field audits encompass various conditions/stages of credit, including:

  • Conducting collateral field examinations to identify areas of collateral weakness, deterioration, risks and/or abuse
  • Assessing risk and the adequacy of advance rates
  • Pre-loan surveys and recurring field audits
  • Takeovers
  • Collateral monitoring engagements
  • Specific assignments or special procedures
  • Workouts and liquidations
  • Supplemental auditors, contract field audits and outsourcing
  • Providing appropriate recommendations and structuring a plan of action

Our Commitment to You

You will receive professional, reliable, friendly and prompt service, coupled with a high quality and accurate product designed to complement and enhance your goals. We will respect the confidentiality of our working relationship and will meet the deadlines set. 

HUD (Medium)HUD Audit

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors a broad range of programs, primarily directed toward families with low to moderate income, designed to revitalize urban neighborhoods, stimulate housing construction, encourage home ownership, and provide safe and affordable housing.


The programs are carried out through various forms of federal financial assistance, including entitlements, grants, direct loans and advances, subsidies and mortgage insurance. Depending on the particular program, recipients of the federal aid may be units of local government, such as states, cities or counties; public housing authorities that develop, own or operate housing projects; other profit-motivated or nonprofit builders, developers or owners of housing projects; mortgage lenders; or individuals.

At Odoni Partners, we use tailored audit approaches and procedures, according to AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and HUD guidelines, to assist participants in this program.

We perform our audits in accordance with the Government Auditing Standards, issued by the Comptroller General of the United States, to ensure the client has:

  • provided financial data and reports that can be relied upon;
  •  internal control in place to provide reasonable assurance that it is managing HUD programs in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and
  • complied with the terms and conditions of federal awards and guarantees, and thus expended federal funds properly and with supporting documentation.

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assirance

Audit & Assurance

With today’s fluctuating business world come many risks that affect the wellbeing of your company.

Our Audit and Assurance practice helps clients make sense of the risks, as we work to understand every nuance of your business and the industry in which you operate, and how these risks may impact your financial performance and growth.

By following industry trends and focusing on a balanced set of both financial and non-financial measures, we will provide performance measurements for managers through customized audit procedures, including identifying resources for benchmarking, developing a system to capture reports and monitor performance measures, and defining strategies to facilitate processes.


Financial Statements Audit

Financial measures are critical to every business. By using a tailored audit approach, Odoni Partners will help you predict future results and assist with decision making, while assuring your stakeholders, as well as tax authorities, banks, suppliers and customers, that your financial statement fairly represents your business.

Our audits are conducted in four phases:

  • gaining an understanding of your business
  • planning and designing the audit
  • field work and examination
  • reporting and communication

Our audits will help your business run better by:

  • defining strategies
  • assisting with the development of performance measures
  • assisting with the development of a system to capture reports
  • monitoring
 performance measures
  • identifying resources for benchmarking
  • obtaining loans and pursuing investment opportunities

Odoni Partners is periodically subject to an independent peer review of our system of quality control over our accounting and auditing practice to ensure compliance with the requirements established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Performance Measurement

At Odoni Partners, we tailor our approach to meet your business goals. We will evaluate risks and challenges in order to assess their significance to your business, and how they will affect your financial statements.

Our professionals will analyze the key processes you have in place to manage these risks and the procedures used to record transactions. We will also identify and investigate differences, evaluate our findings, develop our opinions, and document and report our findings.

Our team of professionals will assist you in:

  • identifying your goals
  • consolidating measurement information relevant to your business’s progress against these goals, and
  • interventions made by your managers in light of this information with a view to improving future performance against these goals.

Forecasts, Budgets and Projections

Developing a budget or forecast is often a complex, time-consuming task. Recent economic events and accounting reporting issues have resulted in greater scrutiny of accounting reports, including budgets and forecasts.

Odoni Partners will prepare accurate and meaningful budgets and forecasts as well as control the budget workflow process for your company. We understand the expectations of our clients, owners and investors. By combining traditional budgeting and forecasting concepts, with a thorough knowledge of your industry and sophisticated tools and techniques, we are able to meet the more demanding standards of today’s marketplace to make your budget process work for you.


Read more: Audit & Assurance

401K 2 (Large)

Odoni Partners recognizes that auditing employee benefit plans is an industry-specific service that requires specialized  experience and knowledge. With changing rules and regulations from the Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service and other regulators, it is essential that organizations choose the right audit firm for their employee benefit plan audits.



Our Approach

  • Communication - We value the communication process and emphasize planning and organization to help facilitate a smooth audit.
  • Technical Experience - We assist clients in understanding the audit and compliance requirements related to their plan.
  • Project Management - We work with our clients and their plan service providers (e.g. third-party recordkeeper, investment trustee, payroll service and actuary) to coordinate all phases of the plan audit.

Our Experience

Our professionals thoroughly understand employee benefit plan audits. We use a nationally developed audit approach and can provide guidance on best practices for various employee benefit plan audits, including: 

  • Defined contribution (401(k), 403(b), profit-sharing, (ESOP)
  • Defined benefit pension (pension, cash balance)
  • Union-represented plans
  • Health and Welfare
  • Master Trusts
  • SEC 11-K Filings
  • Full-scope
  • Limited-scope
  • Form 5500 and Form 990 filings

In addition, we can offer suggestions to help improve the internal controls of a plan and can note areas that should be considered for compliance with the laws and regulations under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).



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